Relaxiation Tester

The relaxation-tester RT10 is a completely new developed tool, which is perfectly fitted to demonstrate the relaxation behavior of gaskets very rapidly, determine leakage of different gasket material, determine tightening factors and also the scatter of tightening methods.

It is developed for supporting the quality management and train engineers as well as fitters - to better understand the principals of gaskets. Because of its robustness, fast utilisability and low weight the system is also ideal for mobile usage – for presentation purposes at your customer’s location for example.

For usage the tester is easily fixed in a common bench vise and connected to a PC with one USB-Plug only. Within the elastic limits of the bolt the deformation is measured with the integrated transducer. This value is calculated into bolt force and gasket surface pressure. The measurement values are clearly arranged and presented within the provided software. The values can also be saved in a file if desired.

Relaxiation Tester with leakage measurement functionBy the use of the optional leakage function there is an easy way to determine the possible leakage of a gasket. With a simple instrument, the system can be pressurized up to 20 bar. By monitoring the analogue gauge, the pressure drop can be seen. Because of the minimal inner volume, the system uncovers least leakages.

Two different flanges for leakage measurement (with/without intentional damage), a hand pump and a custom-fit carrying case are included by default for this option. All tests, which can be done with the basic relaxation tester, can also be done with the leakage model.
Flanges having an intentional damaged sealing surface allow demonstrating the sealing performance and adaptability of a gasket material in a clear and impressive way.

Further informations: Download datasheet


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