FAMOS Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit

The flange assembly demonstration system (FAMOS) is used for the education of mechanics, the training of engineers and for relevant research and presentation of gasket elements. Because it is a mobile system which is ready for operation within a few minutes and uses no infrastructure besides an area of 1.5m? and a power plug, it can be used literally anywhere.

FAMOS is the abbreviation of „Flange Assembly Maintenance and Operation demonstration System“. FAMOS is therefore a system, which can deal with almost every question related to bolted connections. Mounting and unmounting can be done with a real flange but in a controlled environment. At the same time the system provides measured data like bolt load, surface pressure and sealing element deformation for the user. With the help of the integrated software leak detection feature, the user can decide whether the seal performance of the gasket element is sufficient or the mounting parameters has to be modified for example.

Ready for use in less than 5 minutes

When developing FAMOS we focused on the mobility, outstanding presentation capabilities and a design which allows a quick operational readiness. Centerpiece of the system is the standpipe which contains the measurement electronics as well as the leak detection unit and is also the base plate for the flange. The transport container transforms to the basis of the whole system in next to no time and provides a stable platform without the need to be fixed with the floor. We designed all viewable base plate elements in a way that they are covered with aluminum panels. Once it is set up it is ready to use for your presentation purposes and nothing disturbs the eye, e.g. on trade shows.

FAMOS Flange assembly mounting and operation demonstration SystemVery useful: Screwing with one spanner

The system has integrated nut retainers which allows to bolt down the connection with only one spanner. Additional locks are holding the bolts into place so that they don’t have to be supported by the fitter. The moderator of the training/presentation or the student is then able to stay focused on the key topics like lubricant application and observing processes while mounting the gasket. This makes the work with FAMOS comfortable and very easy.

Perfect presentation: FAMOS software

The FAMOS Software, which is of course preinstalled and included in the delivery, clearly represents all measured values and can save those values in a standard file format on demand. The data can be processed by other tools like Microsoft Excel. A total of 6 mounting tests can be displayed and compared at once. Previously saved data can also be loaded into the software later on, so it can be used for comparing or just judging the test again. The fitter can bolt down the connection by the help of the tightening procedure assistant or just with an own pattern. With the help of the leakage feature, possible leakage will be displayed in the software after the flange is pressurized. The inner volume of the flange is quite small which makes it possible to detect very low leakage.


  • Simple handling, robust measurement bolts
  • Mobile and stationary operation

  • For use as fitters training equipment, gasket tester, gasket batch comparison, leakage measurement, lubrication quality and bolting quality

  • Modern and highly sophisticated software and interface

  • Display and data storage of bolt load, surface pressure, gasket height, pressure

  • Tightening procedure assistant

  • Clear representation and comparison of up to 6 tests

  • Determination of tightening factors (scatter of tightening methods)

  • Unit switching support, metric and imperial

  • Extendable language support (Included: German, English, Spanish)


On inquiry the assembly demonstration system FAMOS is also available with 4 bolts (e.g. DN50) or 12 bolts (e.g. glass lined steel flange DN300) as a special solution. We can of course adopt the FAMOS system to your need or develop a complete special solution for your demands. Experience FAMOS in a presentation on your site or in our facilities – you can simply give us a call!

Further Information: Download datasheet


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